"The child means the family, the child means the future, the child
means the community. Our goal is to strengthen our understanding of African families and institutions so that they in turn can invest in their future, their children.
" -- Steve Howard, Editor, CAJ

Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal (CAJ) is the only open access, peer reviewed journal specifically focused on issues and topics related to children in Africa. CAJ is designed to foster a free exchange of ideas between African scholars and scholars around the world, with the opportunity to publish in an easy to use online format.

Why publish with CAJ?

- CAJ is international in scope and appeal, which is why it is published online, providing the largest audience possible.
- CAJ is free, which means your work will reach a wider audience.
- CAJ publishes rapidly, which means your work will be disseminated quickly.
- CAJ sends out regular updates through The Institute for the African Child at Ohio University listserv, reaching academics, health care providers, NGOs, government officials, CBOs, and African media outlets.
- CAJ has a Creative Commons License, which means that anyone can reprint and distribute CAJ content, as long as they credit the author and cite the original source.

CAJ's editorial board is composed of active, engaged researchers from multiple disciplines, committed to a rigorous peer review process.

CAJ is entirely paperless in our submission, review and publshing process, reducing the impact of our journal on the environment. Each issue and individual article can be viewed in a fuly designed pdf format.

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Childhood in Africa: An Interdisciplinary journal is a publication of The Institute for the African Child, Center for International Studies, Ohio University